Why Haiti?

In March 2009, my wife, Sarah, came to Haiti as part of a short-term team doing work in Pillatre, Haiti.  While Sarah lead a futbol (soccer) camp, part of the team built a basketball court.

(Pastor Manno Lagurre takes – and makes – the first shot at the Pillatre basketball court, March 2009.)

Upon her return home, Sarah informed me that I was not only going to Haiti in March of 2010, but that I was also going to lead a basketball camp.  If you would like to know more about how the Aubry Family went from Sarah’s trip in 2009 to living in Haiti, you can visit the Hoops for Haiti website: http://hoopsforhaiti.org.

The reason for the move to Haiti really comes down to four main reasons:

1. Advance the objectives and reach of Hoops for Haiti;
2. Teaching (Mark teaching an Intro to Business course at a college and Sarah teaching      English and Reading at an international school);
3. Find ways to help Haitians help themselves through business development;
4. The opportunity for our family to live abroad and experience life outside of the “friendly confines” of the United States.

While I’m sure that there will be other issues that I discuss and write about, through this website and blog, I will focus most of my attention writing about and drawing attention to the four issues listed above as we “look for abundance amid scarcity.”


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