Wood of the Low Humanity

If you’ve ever wondered how you can directly help those in need in Haiti that will have a lasting impact, this story is for you.  But, first some background.

A couple of days ago, I was made aware of a visit a colleague of mine made to a church/school in the desert of Haiti.  Vilmer, who is a Dean at the school where I teach in Haiti, visited a village that he had never been to before.  One of Vilmer’s classmates from school started a church/school in a place where most of us have only seen in a post-apacalyptic movie.

Bois d’Homme Bas (“Bwa dome ba”) is the name of this desert community.  From what I’ve been told by my friend Stacey (I hope to visit this community soon), there is no direct English translation, but something like “Wood of the Low Humanity.” The people that live here have as a church/school a tent.  Well, it’s more of a tarp…tied to a tree.

They get their water from a crack in the rocks.  It drips from the rocks, the people take turns filling up one bowl at a time.  And then passing the water to the next person in line.  They do this for their drinking water, cooking water and cleaning water.

Basically, if you think of some of the worst places on earth to live, this might be in the in the top 10 (or the bottom 10, whichever is your perspective).  But Vilmer’s friend, Ernst Pierre, has a school that is growing.  But they need help.

There are 2 reasons for this post:

1. There are 162 students that go to school under this tarp.  There were recently 22 students that were turned away because they could not pay the tuition for the school.  The tuition for the Wood of the Low Humanity school? 200 Haitian Goudes.  That is the equivalent of $4.70 US. Or, another way to look at it: for about $800 US per year, an entire village in Haiti can be educated.

2. What can I do as a business man to help them help themselves? Is there any way?  This is one I’m going to struggle with for a long time.  If you have any ideas, please email me.  I’d like to know your thoughts.

If you would like to support the school of the “Wood of the Low Humanity,” follow this link:


If you donate, please send me an email (click here) and let me know that your donation to Hoops for Haiti is for the children of the “Wood of the Low Humanity” to go to school.

In this blog, I’m always looking for Abundance amid Scarcity.  Can we give out of our abundance to help the “Low Humanity” to be educated?  There are not many college graduates in the United States that made it through school without the help/support of someone else.

Full disclosure: In order to use PayPal, Hoops for Haiti pays a fee of about 4% of every transaction.  With the exception of what goes to pay PayPal fees, I will make sure that every dollar that is donated to the children of the Wood of the Low Humanity will be received by the children of the Wood of the Low Humanity to make sure that they go to school and get an education.

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