The Battle for the Eyes of Our Children


kids eyes2

There is a Battle for the Eyes of Our Children. Traditional Christian media has struggled to adapt to the new digital economy while mainstream media spends billions of dollars every year to own the eyes and hearts of our children. This is what Christian families need so they can fight back:

1. Awesome, engaging, and compelling content, from a biblical worldview, that is educational, informational, and (is it too much to ask?!) entertaining.

2. There needs to be a company that will develop, manage, and fairly compensate Creatives to create the awesome, engaging, and compelling content.

3. Christian media needs to reinvent the way content is delivered to the Christian consumer.

4. Christian families, as consumers, should be able (and have the responsibility) to engage with Christian media companies, demand compelling content, and expect the dynamic delivery of that content.

5. Investors need the opportunity to make a meaningful difference (do good) while they are making a return on their investment (do well), not after.

(To Read Mark Aubry’s White Paper, The Battle for the Eyes of Our Children, please click here.)

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