The Battle for the Eyes of Our Children

  There is a Battle for the Eyes of Our Children. Traditional Christian media has struggled to adapt to the new digital economy while mainstream media spends billions of dollars every year to own the eyes and hearts of our children. This is what Christian families need so they can fight back: 1. Awesome, engaging, […]

Don’t Be Surprised White Paper

Mark Aubry has published a new white paper. Don’t Be Surprised: How Business Owners and Investors can Understand – and Take Advantage of – Historical and Economic Cycles, is a paper that asks many questions, posses many possibilities, and begins to answers the questions of how business owners and investors can take advantage of the very […]

What Advisors Add Value To Entrepreneurs? (Part 2 of 3)

“To accept good advice is but to increase one’s own ability.” — Johann Wolfgang van Goethe In my last blog post, I discussed: – the high cost of a marketplace education – that while entrepreneurs and business owners want others to see the value that they add, they rarely accept the value that others add […]

Want to Help the Poor? Make a Profit

“When a person acts in his own interest, he frequently promotes (the interest) of society more effectually than when he really intends to promote it.” – Adam Smith  (A typical Haitian street market) Capital flows to where the expected return is the greatest. I knew this academically as a teacher/professor and I knew this practically […]

At least it wasn’t a Bus

One of my business partners always jokes about me getting hit by the proverbial bus. He is very concerned about what he calls the transfer of institutional knowledge. That is, there is a lot of “stuff” in my head and we need to transfer that to other people in our organization. While I’ve never been […]

Dude, How Many Shots Did You Actually Take?

(Hoops game between Hoops for Haiti and the Club Team “Titans”) I had a fairly successful basketball career in both high school and college. And for years, I have been teased about having to ice down my elbow after playing a basketball game. Friends, family, and foes have all made comments at different times. The […]

Waking up in Haiti

It was like a scene from a movie. I had a difficult time opening my eyes. I knew I was waking up in a place that I never had before. I grabbed my phone, saw that it was just before 6 am and that my phone had less than 10% of it’s battery remaining. (“Nuts!” […]

Motorcycle Crash #1

I have promised for over 15 months that I would tell my story of how I got hit by a motorcycle in Haiti. The crazy thing is that I have two stories about being hit by motorcycles. Here’s the first one: It was Easter morning and we were about to go through the process of […]