Being a Physician: The Environment has Changed

This blog post originally appeared at Impact Physician. The environment for today’s – and tomorrow’s – practicing physician has already changed. The costs of managing a successful practice has risen, in matters of time, money, and, especially, complexity due to increased regulations and insurance demands. Matters are only made worse given he projections that there […]

Welcome to 2019!

I’ve neglected this website and blog for most of 2018. That’s because I’ve spent so much time building 4 other websites and businesses. Moving forward, I will be adding all of my blog posts from my other websites/businesses here on the MJA Blog. I’m going add all of my past posts and I will make […]

Do you have a Plan?

This blog post originally appeared at Impact Physician The market is a great teacher, but the tuition is very high. There are a lot of great lessons you can learn from going to a business school. There are a lot of great lessons you can learn from personal experience (“The School of Hard Knocks”). Both […]

Entrepreneurs are Acrobats

This post originally appeared at Impact Capitalist What is really exciting (and scary for many people) is that things are changing. The world is going to be an entirely different place five years from now. Especially as it relates to business owners and entrepreneurs. Again, this is both excited for some people, and scary for […]

Obversations and Opportunites in Regenerative Medicine (Part 2 of 2)

This post originally appeared at the Impact Physician blog at the Impact Capitalist. This blog post is the 2nd of 2 blogs about my Observation and Lessons in Regenerative Medicine. I’m not only making the case for the need to advance the field of regenerative medicine, but, more importantly, for the advancement of what we […]

Observations and Opportunities in Regenerative Medicine (Part 1 of 2)

This post originally appeared at the Impact Physician blog at the Impact Capitalist. For the last 5 years, I’ve been focusing most of my attention on the development of two main topics: Impact Capitalist and Regenerative Health Management. And while I may not be an expert in the science of regenerative medicine, there are only […]

Time Management Issues: Email

This blog post originally appeared at Impact Capitalist. “The Death of Email” is something that’s been foretold for over 10 years now. And whether you love it or hate it, email is not going anywhere. Not any time soon, however. There are other tools that have come along and tried to supplant email, but at […]

My Pop: “Don’t Quit”

There is not anyone in this world that I trust and respect more than my “Pop.” For some time now I’ve been struggling with some things. This morning, I received a message from my dad with the following picture: While I truly appreciate all of these quotes, the one I appreciate the most is the […]

The Station

The Station is an illusion. The Station – an essay by Robert J. Hastings Tucked away in our subconscious minds is an idyllic vision in which we see ourselves on a long journey that spans an entire continent. We’re traveling by train and, from the windows, we drink in the passing scenes of cars on […]

Why Did I Start Impact Capitalist?

This post was originally posted at Impact Capitalist. I was once asked why I felt that there was a need to be an impact capitalist rather than just a capitalist. Unfortunately, most people do not understand the true power of capitalism. And while I am currently working on a blog post (maybe a white paper) […]